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Wroclaw ZOO 1895 Wroclaw ZOO has more than 150 year old history, making it the oldest in the country. It is also the most famous one thanks to the TV show “With a camera among animals”. The zoo has the most  animal species (as many as 1100), ranging from the tiniest ones like the cockroaches to the largest ones like the elephants.

Afrykarium is the biggest attraction of the zoo - Poland's first oceanarium and a unique one in the world. Roughly 5 000 animals are housed in it, mainly fish, including seven species of sharks. Amazing manatees, Nile hippos, aardvarks, naked mole-rats, and dozens of free-flying birds can also be found here. A visit to Afrykarium is akin to taking a two-hour tour of the Dark Continent!

Other attractions of the zoological garden include Odrarium, the unusual exhibition of Polish flora and fauna of the nearby Oder River; Dragons of Indonesia, where the large lizards from the other end of the world can be admired. Furthermore,  ZOO Wroclaw, as the only one in the country, is a home to very rare species such as the manatee, okapi, bear cuscus, red hartebeest, Philippine mouse-deer, L'Hoest's monkey, long-necked turtle, and the  aforementioned Komodo dragon.

Wroclaw ZOO is actively involved in the rescue of endangered species in their natural habitat. It supports protection programs, sends employees on rescue missions, and conducts educational activities - open meetings  “Zoo to the rescue” (“ZOO NA RATUNEK”) as well as educational activities for children and teens. It is an accredited member of the prestigious European Association of Zoos (EAZA), closely co-operates with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

  History of Wroclaw ZOO - book  History of Wroclaw ZOO - book



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