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Zoo Rules

  About the ZOO

ZOO Wrocław is outdoor destination and remain open, but you need face mask in pavilions, like Afrykarium, Sahara, Madagaskar, Terrarium and other.
We continue to monitor the ongoing changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are following the recommendations provided by our government and local health authorities.

Zoo Wrocław LLC rules and regulations

  1. Visitors are obliged to familiarize themselves with and obey the Zoo Wroclaw LLC rules and regulations, and must follow the instructions the Zoo Wroclaw staff.
  2. Entry only with a valid, purchased ticket that must be kept for the duration of the visit and presented at the request of  the Zoo Wroclaw staff.
  3. Children under 10 years of age must be chaperoned  by an adult..
  4. Zoo Wroclaw LLC is not responsible for any damages or injuries to the visitor resulting from  the failure to follow the  Zoo Wroclaw LLC rules and regulations.
  5. Visitors will be  held responsible for any damage or loss they cause. Parents/guardians will be held responsible for any damage caused by their children.
  6. Visitors should obey instruction and warning signs.

To ensure the safety of the visitors and health and wellbeing of the animals it is strictly forbidden to:

  1. Bring in animals.
  2. Be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances.
  3. Feed animals except for the animals living in the baboon enclosure and the Children’s (petting) Zoo.
  4. Harass or tease the animals.
  5. Bring in balloons.
  6. Make loud sounds or use noisy devices.
  7. Throw any objects into animal exhibits (i.e. cages, enclosures, pools, tanks etc.) and to hand any objects to the animals.
  8. Litter and destroy the greenery.
  9. Bathe in water tanks, pools etc.
  10. Trade, provide services or distribute flyers without  prior written authorization of Zoo Wroclaw LLC.
  11. Take photographs or film for commercial purposes or to perform any services without prior written authorization of Zoo Wroclaw LLC.
  12. Use camera flash.
  13. Bring in pyrotechnic materials i.e. fireworks, firecrackers, fire rockets.
  14. Smoke cigarettes beyond designated places.
  15. Drink alcohol outside the locations licensed to sell alcohol.
  16. Bring in or ride bicycles, roller skates, scooters, roller blades, etc.
  17. Drive motor vehicles without appropriate authorization.
  18. Scale fences, cross or reach past exhibit barriers or to put any body parts through them. It is forbidden to approach or touch animals except for the Children’s (petting) Zoo.
  19.  Enter non-public facilities, especially staff-only rooms, maintenance rooms,  animal service areas etc.
  20. Sit on gates and fences or place children on them.
  21. Enter or stay in the Zoo beyond opening hours.






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