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ZOO and DODO to the rescue

ZOO and DODO to the rescue

The challenge for the design contest is to select excellent logo design reflecting the mission of ZOO Wrocław and the ZOO Wrocław DODO Foundation. We support African penguins, which have only 2 percent left in nature. We protect the mouse-deer (chevrotain), which happily turned out to be lost species, and help to save pangolins, the most frequently illegall sold animals in the world. And many others. The modern zoo is like Noah's Ark. We are trying to bring as many species as possible to save them. And there are more and more animals in need. In addition to conservative breeding in the zoo, we also support those threatened with extinction in their natural environment - we are active on 4 continents. This mission must be promoted. It is also an extremely important element of our education. By spreading knowledge about endangered species, we teach pro-ecological attitudes, sustainable consumption and understanding of nature. Also endangered species in Poland! The purpose of the contest is to find logotype which is a graphic emblem expressing all these activities and our values. Our competition under this year's slogan "ZOO and DODO to the rescue" starts on May 18. Announcement of the results of the competition will take place on 18 June, 2021. Thanks to the cooperation with AMS Polska (our sponsor), posters with the winning design will appear on 50 billboards in large cities in Poland.

Download files: Regulations of the Competition power of attorney and competition entry form



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