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White-cheeked gibbon

White-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) is a species of primate inhabiting the forests of Vietnam, Laos, and China.

They are one of the smallest primates, respecting size and weight they do not show sexual dimorphism, however they have very interesting colouring. Males have a thick black fur coat and black skin with white fur on its cheeks as well as a conspicuous tip of hair on the head, while females are golden or reddish in colour with black faces and dark brown or black fur on top of the head. Females do not have the distinctive white cheeks, but they have white fur with an aureole around the face.

Like other members of the gibbon family, they have unusually long arms - even 1.4 times longer than the legs.

It is a monogamous species that pairs in a long-term relationship. Pregnancy lasts between 200 and 212 days. All the young are born with a pale yellow coat that changes colour within the first two years of life. When they reach sexual maturity, the males change their coat colour to black.

Wrocław ZOO has prepared a pagoda for the gibbons and has handed over the whole island in one of the ponds to their disposal. This has resulted in the fact that the newly acquainted pair - Xian and Carusa, after a year, at long last had a baby which we have named Dao (born on 17 October 2014). It is worth visiting them in the morning when the concert is on – around 9:00 and / or 11:00 am, however not every day.

ATTENTION! White-cheeked gibbons are listed in Annex I to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which means that their transport is under strict control, even within the same country. For this purpose, special certificates are required.

First spring presentation of Dao - March 2015.


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