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Takin (Budorcas taxicolour taxicolour) is the only representative of the takin genus. It occurs in the eastern part of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, to a height of 3 500 m above sea level where there is no shortage of rocky areas, sparsely covered with grasses and shrubs. This small, for its family, ox has adapted to such environment. Its body length reaches approx. 2 m, height 1.3 m, weight up to 350 kg. It has a thick coat, ranging in colour from yellow-gold, beige, dark red, to black. Representatives of both sexes have short, thick horns.

The mating season occurs in August and September, in March or April the female gives birth to usually one young.

Worth noting is that during a period of high availability of food it is active only in the evening and at dawn, while during periods of shortage of food it also feeds during the day.

One male and two females live in our zoo. They can be met in the old part of the zoo, near the “lovers’ gazebo”. And since they are most active in the evening and at night, we invite you to visit them at the end of your zoo visit, worth the while! These are beautiful animals that have adapted to living in harsh mountain conditions.


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