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Sumatran tiger

Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) - one of the eight subspecies of the tiger, a predatory mammal of the cat family (Felidae). It is distinguished by, among others, the darkest fur of all the tigers, with black stripes, a wide, short nose, wide occipital plane with numerous wide stripes. Moreover, it is the smallest of all tiger subspecies and has a characteristic mane on the neck, and sideburns on its cheeks.

Tigers are endemic only to the northern, mountainous regions of Sumatra, places that provide them with quiet shelter, shade, water, and food.

An adult male attains a length of approx. 240 cm (including the tail) with an average body weight of approx. 120 kg. On the other hand, females respectively attain 220 cm and 90 kg.

Interestingly, they are excellent swimmers!

A male, Tenagh, has been living with us for some time and a female, Nuri, joined us in 2015. We hope that they will create a pair in future. They inhabit the run in the vicinity of the Indian rhino.

Tenagh the male is being cared for by TU Europa.


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