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South African fur seal

Afro-Australian fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus) – a predatory sea mammal species of the family Otariidae. They inhabit the southern coast of Africa, south-east coast of Australia and New Zealand. They have earlobes, unlike the seals.

Adult male attains a body length of 2.3 m, and a body weight of 200-300 kg. Females are slightly smaller, they attain an average of 120 kg of body weight and reach approximately 1.8 m in length. The young are born in late November and early December. They are then 60 cm long and weigh 6 kg. They stay in “nurseries” filled with tidal waters, while their mothers, for several days, hunt in the sea.

Fur seals dive up to 400 m in depth!

The fur seals have lived in our zoo for several years, but in autumn 2014 they moved to a new, large swimming pool within Afrykarium. The first to inhabit the new pool were ladies - Jojo, Mandisa, Nabi and the very young, three-month old at the time, Zola. The gentlemen, Nelson and Chico, joined later. Interestingly, Zola, the youngest, managed to win the sympathy of both males and they eagerly play with her, and Nelson, as a surrogate father, is doing quite sensational!


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