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School shark

School shark (Galeorhinus galeus), also known as  tope or the snapper shark, is a cartilaginous fish occurring in all the warm seas of the temperate zone in the northern and southern hemisphere. It mainly likes to swim above the bottom gravel, at depths of 40 to 400 m.

It attains a maximum of 1.8 m (males), and 2.3 m (females), and weighs up to 35 kg (males) and 70 kg (females).

It is an ovoviviparous fish - a litter has from 20 to 40 young, measuring 40 cm in length.

In our zoo, they live in the huge Mozambique Channel tank, sharing it with other species - blacktip sharks, bowmouth guitarfish, gibiceps, stingrays, groupers, humphead wrasses, and finally Stefan, a green sea turtle.

Sharks’ feeding demonstration 13:00 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).


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