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Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is an herbivorous mammal of the deer family, inhabiting the arctic tundra and wooden tundra in Eurasia and North America.

The females are much smaller than males - the length of the female body (hind) is about 162-205 cm, weight 60 to 170 kg, while the male (bull) attains a weight of between 100 and 318 kg with a body length of between 180 and 214 cm. A lot of woolly fur with good insulating properties, from dark brown to white in colour, is found in its coat. Interestingly, both males and females have antlers, this not being the case with other deer. The antlers are quite large, sometimes they are palmate. The males shed them at the beginning of winter, the females - in the spring.

Reindeer has wide hooves, this helps it navigate the snow.

Mating season occurs in September. After a gestation period of 225 - 235 days, usually in late May and early June, a single calf is born, which just after an hour begins to walk independently.

A herd of reindeers, created as the first in Poland, lives in Wrocław ZOO. Rudolf, a male, and three females, Palm, Czeszka, and Blondie constitute its nucleus.

They have been joined by Jonna and Sierotka Marysia, born and reared in our facility. In addition, every year we also have “babies” that after weaning leave for the world.

Did you know that it also used to inhabit Poland during the Ice Age? Fossil remains attest to this fact.


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