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Red panda

Red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is also called the first or real panda, it was discovered by biologists 50 years before the great panda, that is in 1825. It is much smaller (adults weigh at most 5 kg) and little less recognisable than the great panda. It lives in forests in the foothills of the Himalayas. It feeds on leaves and young shoots of bamboo as well as fruit and insects. Due to the strong human expansion and cutting down of bamboo, the small pandas constitute an endangered species. Their number is estimated at less than 10 000. Red Panda Network organisation, which organises  International Red Panda Day, is engaged in its protection in Asia, conducting scientific research to help research this beautiful species. The day falls on the third Saturday of September.

A couple lives in our garden – a male, Yunnan, born in 2008 in the des Sables d'Ollon Zoo, from where he came in February 2011, and a female, Kuming(MEI LI), born in 2010 in Gorlitz ZOO, from where she came in May 2011. They occupy a year-round run vis a vis Odrarium. They lead a quiet, mainly arboreal life, but in the morning and in evening they can be found running along the run.


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