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Kea (Nestor notabilis) is a species of large omnivorous and predatory parrot that is endemic of New Zealand.

Proportions it can achieve are: body length 46 cm, wingspan 90 cm, and weight up to 1 kg. Considering their unusual coloration, it is worth having a look at these parrots. Feathers on its body are mainly olive-green in colour, but are of shimmering blue and green sheen colour on the wings and tail. However, the feathers on the inner surface of the wings and inner side of the tail are simply amazing, for they are bright orange and red!

It is considered one of the most intelligent birds. It is distinguished by curiosity and a willingness to have fun. Curious about the world around, in its search of food, it often freely approaches human settlements.

A couple of these remarkable birds lives in our zoo, they feel greatly at home in our climate, and every year raise new chicks. Of course in their aviary near the reindeer there is no shortage of enrichment elements, that is toys, of which they readily take advantage of.

The origin of the name of this species is of interest. The name KEA comes from the Maori language and is a reflection of the call that parrots make under life-threatening situations. NESTOR, which is the genus name, means “wise man”, “experienced person”. While the Latin species name - NOTABILIS means “eye-catching”, worthy of attention.


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