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Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) is a species of soliped mammal, also called armoured rhinoceros due to its armour-resembling skin. They are found in Nepal and north-eastern India.

Adults can attain a length of up to 3.8 m and weigh up to 2.2 t. This is the largest single-horn rhino. Both male and female have a horn measuring up to 60 cm in length.

Pregnancy lasts 16 months, and the young remain with the mother until the birth of the next calf.

It avoids the hot part of the day, feeding in the morning and in the evening, or at night. Of all the rhinos, Indian rhinoceros is most associated with water. It is an excellent swimmer.

Imposing and only seemingly “thick skinned”, for in fact, they are sensitive and tender creatures that die (like many other species) as a result of folk beliefs. The rhino horn fetches incredibly high price on the black market, since it is regarded as a panacea for everything - from cancer cure to impotency. However, it is actually just a nail, since it is made from epidermis cells and has the same chemical composition as found e.g. in the nails.

Two males - Tarun and Manas live in our zoo, they have to their disposal a run with Terai pavilion, where they spend the winter. Our boys were born in 2010, and came to us in 2012. The first weighing

had Tarun weighing 1 225kg and Manas 983 kg. In 2016, Tarun weighs 1 707kg and Manas little less, 1 668 kg. An impressive result, and this is not an end to their potentials!


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