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Greater flamingo

Greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber roseus) is a large wading bird from the family of flamingos found in Africa, southern Europe, and southern and south-western Asia, where it inhabits shallow lakes, lagoons, and river deltas.

The body length of these birds is about 120 cm, wingspan 150 cm, weight up to 4 kg.

Both parents incubate the eggs for a period of about 27-31 days. Chicks leave the nest after about 10 days, however at the time their beak is not yet in a well-developed shape for filtering, hence are fed by the parents. They become independent after some 70 days. Interestingly, the chicks congregate in nurseries.

You will meet them in our “bird’s corner” (“zakątek ptasi”), that is the aviary on the other side of the pond where they gracefully wade in the water or allow visitors to admire them.


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