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Dybowski's deer

Dybowski's  deer (Cervus nippon hortulorum) - a subspecies of eastern deer, the largest of 14 subspecies of sika deer, it inhabits the areas of eastern Siberia, eastern China, and Korea.

Its coat is light brown in colour, the back and sides are covered with whitish spots.

Antlers of the eastern deer are characterised by less branching, with the number of branches not exceeding eight, females do not have antlers. It prefers deciduous forests mixed with dense undergrowth, but it easily adapts to changing conditions and different heights (from sea level to
1 800 meters above sea level). Adult males lead a solitary life, forming a small herd only during mating season. Such a herd consists of several hinds and one bull.

The animal feeds mainly on grass and leaves of trees and shrubs. They live to 15-18 years.

On its territory, a male collects a harem of up to 12 females. Rut begins in September. Pregnancy is from 210 to 230 days.

In our zoo, Dybowski's sika deer herd lives on a run in the vicinity of the Japanese Gate and Mesopotamian fallow deer.

ATTENTION! The name of the species comes from the name of a Siberian fauna researcher from Poland, Benedykt Dybowski.


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