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Common squirrel monkey

Common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) nick named “death's head” because of the mouth’s outline. It occurs in large numbers in the forests of the Amazon Basin in South America.

The length of the body, minus the tail, reaches 40 cm at a weight generally not exceeding 1 kg. It has fur of very interesting intense colours - its back is dirty olive in colour, stomach and chest - white. The fur of these monkeys changes colour in the course of life. In the period of maturity and during old age, their back assumes a bright orange colour. All the legs have an admixture of rusty colour.

These monkeys are characterised by mobility patterns that are sometimes defined by “a cheerful disposition”. However, it is very timid and at the slightest alarm the whole herd, led by an old male, melts away. At the same time, it can perform extremely graceful and long jumps.

In Wrocław ZOO, the common squirrel monkeys live in a house adjacent to the kea parrots on the one side and to the white-cheeked gibbons on the other. Besides, like the gibbons, they have to their disposal an island on the pond. They are the darlings of the children, because there is always something going on among them!


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