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Common Seal

Harbour Seal (Phoca vitulina) – a sea predator species from the family Phocidae. Inhabits mild and subarctic waters, and the circumpolar sea coasts. It can also be sighted in the western Baltic island of Usedom and Wolin. The Baltic population is likely to be in the neighbourhood of 600-700 individuals.

Adult male attains a length of up to 1.9 m and weight of 70-150 kg, female 1.7 m and 60-110 kg.

Pregnancy lasts 9-11 months. The female gives birth to one, sometimes two young. Delivery takes place on land. At birth, the young weigh 8-12 kg and measure 65-100 cm in length.

Three individuals – Duc, a male, and two females, Mona and Lisa, live in our ZOO. They inherited the pool after the fur seals which moved to the Afrykarium. They love playing in the water and, attention, they love to involve visitors in fun by engaging them.

Seals are generally comfortable with human contact, they willingly co-operate with people. That is why we will be conducting feeding show with medical trainings every weekend (Saturday / Sunday) at 11:00, starting in the 2016 holidays. This is a must see!

Harbour seals are under the care of GetBack Company.


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