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Common ostrich

Common ostrich (Struthio camelus) - is the largest bird in the world (male body length is 210-275 cm, weight 100-156 kg; female measures 175-190 cm in length and weighs 90-110 kg). They also belong to the fastest animals - over longer distances they run at a speed of 50 km/h, sprint speed up to 70 km/h, making 5-metre along steps! For this reason, they rarely fall victim to predators, their excellent sight is also an added advantage – they see up to 5 km, this they owe to the largest eyes among land animals. Besides, if there is a confrontation, an ostrich can perfectly protect itself using its long, muscled legs that end in sharp claws.

Interestingly, the male incubates the eggs, thereafter rearing the chicks, the female just helps, and only during the day.

Tidbit! Ostrich is the name given only to the great African flightless birds, their cousins are the rhea from South America and emu from Australia.

In our zoo, they live on the Savannah run, sharing it with reticulated giraffes, Chapman zebras and red hartebeest, the only individual of this antelope species in Europe. They like to surprise visitors, leaning suddenly out of the moat or simply putting their head out and looking around curiously.

ATTENTION! This is a very dangerous animal, like rheas and emus, it can harm using either the beak or leg.


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