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Chapman's zebra

Chapman's zebra (Equus burchelli chapmanni) is a subspecies of the plains zebra, a mammal from the family Equidae, characterised by the presence of white stripes on a black coat. It searches for food on meadows, savannah grass, plains, and wetlands. It is generally found in eastern and southern Africa (Zimbabwe), in the region from Ethiopia to Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

The length of its body is about 2.3 meters, tail length 50 cm, weighs approx. 250 kg.

Chapman's zebra pregnancy lasts about 360 days. Sexual maturity is reached at the age of three years.

They live in our zoo with reticulated giraffes, ostriches, and antelope kamas on the Savannah run, between the main entrance and Afrykarium.

One of the mares with a sonorous name, Bazuka, is taken care of by Paclan/ CeDo.


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