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Asian elephant

Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is one of the three living species of the family Elephantidae, aside from the African elephant and the African forest elephant. The Asian elephants live in the woods and thickets of South Asia and South East Asia.

This is probably the largest living land mammal - the length of its body reaches 6.4 m, height at the withers up to 3.1 m, and weight up to 5 tons!

Their food consist of grass, leaves, bark, soft wood, bamboo shoots, and fruits, especially wild figs.

An Asian elephant’s pregnancy lasts 614-688 days (approx. 21 months), the female gives birth to one calf weighing approx. 100 kg, which it feeds for 8-10 months, sometimes even more than a year.

Did you know that on mountainous terrain they move extremely smoothly (they reach a marching speed of 7-15 km/h), almost silently and almost without leaving any trace? Unbelievable!

Two older ladies - Birma and Toto (+55 years) live in our zoo, in the historic elephant house. Birma is the “head” of the run, being also a glutton, for food’s sake she can overcome her own fears of the unknown and laziness, overtaking Toto in search of food relish. Because the species swims well, “the dames” have a pool on the run, which they happily make use of in summer. They also have a canopy and shower on the run that provide them with relief during hot days. At the same time, it should be noted that as soon as it gets too hot, they both hide in the cool interior of the elephant-house.

We recommended watching daily feeding demonstration at 12:30 p.m.

Please note that both elephants have had a life in the circus, and both suffer from stereotypy. Despite many years of work and training we have been only able to alleviate the symptoms of this disease, from which animals harmed by humans never free themselves.


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