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Arabian (Dromedary) camel

Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) is a close relative of the Bactrican camel and of guanaco and vicugna. It occurs in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, where it is a domesticated animal used as a riding animal, a beast of burden, a source of milk, wool, meat, and leather.

Hard to believe, but the weight of a camel reaches up to 1 ton, with the trunk length measuring 3 m and a height at the withers of 2.1 m! Pregnancy lasts 12 to 13 months, after which a female usually gives birth to one young, which it feeds for a year.

For the fact that their organism have developed series of adaptations such as a 10-centimeter, woolly fur layer, and accumulated fat layer in the hump, camels have very high resistance to lack of water at high temperature.

A herd of camels live in our zoo - the head of the herd (Ramzes) and three females. The run is close to Savannah, where the giraffes, Chapman zebras, Hartebeest kamas, and ostriches live, and directly adjacent to the Sahara pavilion, where, among others, scimitar oryxes (the species no longer occurs in nature!), fennec foxes, long-eared hedgehogs, greater Egyptian jerboas, and north African gundis reside.


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