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Alpaca (Lampacos) is an artiodactyl herbivorous mammal native to South America, where it is a domesticated animal bred for wool and meat. At a first glance, it resembles the larger llama.

Alpacas are not found in the wild. They are reared on the slopes of the Andes in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile at altitudes of 4 000 - 4 700 m above sea level.

Alpacas are social animals forming family groups consisting of a dominant male, several females, and their offspring. Alpacas live about 15-25 years. Alpaca’s fleece is distinguished by its silky shine.

Tidbit! Farmers in the UK use alpacas to protect the sheep against predators.

In our zoo, alpacas share a run with patagonian maras, llamas are their neighbours.


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