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African Wild Dog

Cape hunting dog (Lycaon pictus) – a predatory mammal species of the family Canidae, it is considered a relic line of canines, formerly occurring across almost the whole African continent, including the Sahara. Today it is one of the rarest large carnivores.

It is an animal with a beautiful physique adapted to the conditions of life - a slim silhouette with long, slender legs, narrow, but capacious chest, well developed senses of smell and hearing. They are the most effective hunters among all the large mammals!

The Cape hunting dog attains an average body weight of 17-36 kg. Males are larger than females by about 3-7%. The body weight changes, depending on access to food.

Remember the hyenas of the Lion King film? Well, the Cape hunting dogs are also disturbing, but very fascinating. It is worth visiting their run in the vicinity of the lions run and Madagascar pavilion, especially in the morning when they are active.


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