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African penguin

African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) - a species of sea bird. They inhabit the south-west coast of Africa - from Namibia to southern Mozambique.

Adults attain a body length of 60-70 cm and an average body weight of 2.2-3.5 kg. Females lay 1-2 eggs which are incubated by both parents for about 40 days.

The African penguin is the only penguin living in Africa, but scientists have discovered that there were once four of them. The arrangement of the black spots on the body of a penguin is unique, it is akin to the human fingerprint.

These birds are monogamous and pair for life!

In August and September 2014, fifty-five individuals from four zoos and three countries arrived in the largest swimming pool for penguins in Europe, located close to Afrykarium. After a period of acclimatisation, marking of the penguins and naming of those that had not been named yet began in the spring of 2015. Consequently, we welcomed Captain Hak, Muminek, Laura, and many others. In addition, in spring , March and April, we at long last had the first eggs in the nests, and then the chicks.

The biggest star of the pool is undoubtedly a chick reared by the keepers - a female, Janush. Aviary and Afrykarium Employees helped it hatch out. This took place just before the New Year – 28 December 2015. Janush treats the keepers like family members, and probably considers itself to be human. It zealously accompanies other penguins and swims in the pool, but it is to human that it devotes the most attention. The keepers are confident that as early as in 2017/2018 Janush will find a partner, and together they will build a nest, then she will lays eggs – we are keeping our fingers crossed!


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