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Zoo Wrocław is constantly changing

Zoo Wrocław is constantly changing

The Wrocław zoo is constantly changing; the welfare of animals is important to us. In the end of June, new enclosures were opened for two endangered species – the golden takins and Alfred’s Deer.

After the renovation and reconstruction, the enclosures are a reflection of the natural environment of these animals. 

Five golden takins live in the Wrocław zoo - Xian, Johnny Woo, Wanju, Zhaoze and the young female Shanxi, born in March this year. The run is now several times larger than previously, to better suit their needs. Currently, the animals have unlimited access to the pond and the rocks they like to climb. We want to breed takins, hence such a large expansion - says their keeper, Łukasz Karolik. 

The golden takin (Budinae taxicolor bedfordi) is an endemic species of Chinese uplands in the province of Shanxi. It lives at high altitudes, even 4,500 meters above the sea level. Takins are one of the largest caprines. Their IUCN status is VU, vulnerable. 

The Alfred’s deer enclosure also was given a total makeover. It neighbors the takin’s run, and the animals also have access to water and areas covered with trees and shrubs.

The Alfred's deer (Rusa alfredi) is one of the rarest mammals in the world, endemic to the Philippines - it occurs only on the islands of Panay and Negros. It inhabits the remains of rain forests. The deer was considered extinct for over 40 years. It was not until 1986 that a British zoologist recognized a tamed male of this species in one of the villages on the island of Panay. Currently, conservation breeding is the only way to save this species from extinction. The main threats are poaching, and deforestation of the natural environment. The Red Book status of this species is EN, endangered.  

To find the new enclosures, go to the oldest part of the garden, which is on the right side from the main entrance. You will find yourself in the serene shade of old trees, tall grass and shrubs. Enjoy!


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