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ZOO on wheels!

ZOO on wheels!

A new service for visitors.

Visiting the Wrocław zoo takes a minimum of 5 hours. Now, thanks to the new service, it will be possible in an hour. In September, Zoo Wrocław launched a new service, a 60-minute cart tour of the zoo, guided by one of our experts. The service is called "Meleksem przez zoo" (Zoo by cart).

Back in June, the Wrocław zoo launched two new services. One is a walking tour with our guide. There are three different routes to choose from: desert, forest or water animals. The other one takes the visitors to the back rooms of the Afrykarium, otherwise not available for sightseeing.

The latest offer "Zoo by cart", is for individual customers. It allows to explore the zoo in a short time with one of our guides, who provides live commentary.

The tour covers the entire zoo, but the route is flexible. Visitors can specify what interests them most and our guide can modify the route accordingly.

The tour always starts by the main entrance near the large map, and ends by the Afrykarium.

The zoo is divided into zoogeographical zones, so it is a trip around the world, covering almost all continents and their animals. The route begins in Africa, by the Sahara pavilion inhabited by, among others, dromedaries, domestic donkeys, fennec foxes and oryxes. Right next to it, lives our pride of Angolian lions. With the Libyan barbary sheep and the blue wildebeest on the left, the tour reaches the pavilion of Madagascar, presenting mainly the endemics of the "Red Island", including lemurs. The next stop is Africa again - African fur seals, African penguins, okapis and African red river hogs . After that, the tour takes the visitors to the European zone with wisents, lynxes, wildcats, brown bears and wolves. Next on the list is Asia, starting with everyone's favorite, the red panda. In this zone, the visitors have an opportunity to meet, among others, bantenges, Indian rhinoceroses, snow and clouded leopards. On the way to the Himalayan bears and Sumatran tigers there is a chance to take a look at the common seals and their wonderful underwater world. The trip also takes the visitors back in time to the historic carnivore house. Then the cart heads towards a quiet bird's nook, where amazing species such as cassowaries, arguses and hornbills live. Then off to the Elephant House - one of the most important historical buildings in the zoo. Further on, the route leads to the Gibbon Pagoda, also inhabited by the famous chevrotain aka mouse-deer, and then to the historic Bear Tower, now inhabited by owls. After that, there are  the Pallas's cats, milus, and the mysterious golden takins. The route leads right by the Terrarium, housing an impressive number of species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Next is the Lemur Island, occupied by the well-known and popular ring-tailed lemurs. The route also includes the Odrarium – an exhibit of the fauna and flora native to the River Odra. From the Odrarium, the tour moves on to the Ranch and the Petting Zoo, and finally to the last stop - the entrance to the Afrykarium.

  • Available: Monday through Friday at 9:15 A.M. (excluding bank holidays).                
  • Duration: 60 minutes.         
  • Number of participants in the group: 1-3
  • Children must be at least 10 years old.
  • Meeting time and place: 09:15 A.M. by the large map of the zoo, past the main entrance.
  • Price: PLN 150 (per cart, up to 3 participants) plus admission.
  • Tickets: Customer Service Office or online: https://bilety.zoo.wroclaw.pl/


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