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Dodano: 08.04.2019

A baby Golden takin was born

Another rare birth to celebrate at Zoo Wrocław. A baby Golden takin was born.
Dodano: 29.03.2019

Black and rufous elephant shrews

Another, new and unusual species arrived to the Jungle of Congo in Afrykarium– the Black and rufous elephant shrew. It is a small mammal, barely reaching 30 cm and 700 g.
Dodano: 15.03.2019

The frog as an aphrodisiac

Everyone knows the fairy tale about the princess, who kisses the frog to lift the spell and turn the frog into the handsome prince. They get married to live happily ever after.
Dodano: 18.01.2019


How many people visited Zoo Wrocław in 2018? How many animals live in the zoo? How many births were recorded? How much money was collected to protect wildlife? What projects were supported? And most importantly, what are the plans for 2019?


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