ZOO Wroclaw Young Southern Three-banded Armadillo
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Young Southern Three-banded Armadillo

Young Southern Three-banded Armadillo

The southern three-banded armadillo is an animal that arouses enormous curiosity in the world of biologists, because it is still little known.  Much to our delight  on May 9 th this year, a pup of this species came into the world at  our zoo.

Almost from the beginning, it has  been  under the care of Andrzej Miozga,MSc/MEng, the head of the Small Mammals Division. The pup is developing  properly and has tripled its weight,  which is currently 340 g.

The Tolypeutes matacus, or the southern three-banded armadillo  belongs, along with 19 other species, to armadillidae family.

Interestingly, despite being quite popular animals in South America, all armadillos are threatened  with extinction.

In the Red Book, southern three-banded armadillo has been  granted near-extinction status mainly due to the loss and fragmentation of the habitat. Another reason that scientists are discussing is climate change.  Armadillos are also  being poached  for meat and other body parts that are used in handicraft. It is estimated that every 10 years the population decreases by as much as 30%. Today it is also known that the range of the southern three-banded armadillo used to be greater. For example it could be found  within  the province of Buenos Aires, where today it is considered extinct.

The most famous species of the armadillidae family is the giant armadillo. In 2014 Zoo Wrocław  became involved in the conservation of the species;  not only did we raise funds, but also prepared an educational film that was shown to children in schools in Brazil,  and is now distributed in Spanish-speaking parts of the continent.




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