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The eleventh "African Bambi" was born

The eleventh


Dik-diks are one of the smallest antelopes in the world - the male, or bull, weighs up to 4 kg! They are tiny and not flashy, but they look like Disney’s Bambi and they have stolen the hearts of visitors of Wrocław's Afrykarium.  

First dik-diks moved into their new Wrocław home in the fall of 2014. At first, it was difficult to spot them – timid and shy, they were more likely to spend time in hiding. Today they can be admired on the East African run, where their neighbors are: Nile hippos, aardvarks, mongooses, Cape squirrels, herons, ibises, and hamerkops and spoonbills.

The alpha male and father of all eleven calves is Federico. The mothers are mainly Lenonka and Zula. Dik-diks may be quite common in their natural environment, but they are a rarity in zoos. So the keepers came up with the idea of naming them after music stars. For example, we have Eminem, Lenon, Limahl, Loreen, Nirvana, Norman, Norbi, Nowinka and Tina.

When we started breeding dik-diks we had to do a lot of research. The keepers were constantly observing them. And they came to the conclusion that these antelopes are simply stars - kind of shy and timid, but when it is time to shine they know how to strike a pose! So a new tradition was born in the Wrocław zoo, and when a dik-dik is born the keepers watch it closely and decide which celebrity it resembles the most, in appearance and personality.

The youngest member of the herd was born on August 28 to Lenonka and Federico and is probably a female. With her birth, the naming craze started again. One of the front runners is Lauryn, though some say the little female is a bit too serious for the frontwomen of the Fugees. They suggest Lopez (after JLo) would be a better fit because the tot already knows how to show off. However, the keepers remain open to new ideas and are asking for help.

- The name should relate to a band or vocalist. The country of origin doesn’t matter, as long as the name suits our little antelope and starts with an "L", after the mother - says Dominik Szoka, the keeper of dik-diks from the Wroclaw zoo.


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