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Beautiful life

Beautiful life


She was born on June 17 this year as the offspring of Nelson and Nabi. After a minor accident, she was cared for by her keepers for several days. Fortunately, it turned out that she is healthy and all she has lost is some hair on her head. However, she  gave the keepers such a good scare, that they want to celebrate her recovery by giving her a special name. The name will come from Shona, a language used by the Bantu tribes in Africa, where the African fur seals live. It will be Eshe or Zuri, which in combination means "beautiful life".

African fur seals are one of the favorites of zoo employees and visitors.  They are charming and willing to cooperate in direct contact. Thanks to that, visitors can watch interesting feeding and medical training shows, and caregivers can keep animals in great physical and mental condition.

 The youngest female among the African fur seals is the fourth puppy born in the Wrocław zoo. The first was Zola, born five years ago, and then Ivy and Hugo two years ago.

 - Zola came to us still in her mother's womb. Nelson, the alpha male, is not her father, so she will stay with us. However, Ivy and Hugo will probably leave Wrocław this fall. We don't know yet where they will go, but we slowly prepare them for that transition during training sessions. As for the youngest female, several zoos are asking about her already. We may say that potential candidates for the lass’ fin are lining up. - says Paweł Borecki, the fur seals keeper.

For now, she is still a baby. She nurses her mom, sleeps and plays with other herd members and with keepers. At her disposal she has a part of the back room, and a pen with a small swimming pool for swimming lessons, and lots of toys. Meanwhile, visitors can admire her from a distance only. She will join the pack in about 2 months, when she can swim well. 


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